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Bar Games features an assortment of pub games including Liar's Dice, Wet 'n Wild, Last Call, Air Hockey, and Pick-up Artist. When you select the right answers in order, you can get invited out to dinner, and eventually you end up on the beach with your girl.
Virus is one of those games that are incredibly cool, but impossible to play. This game has smooth, fluid 3D graphics, and you can fly around in a spaceship through huge landscapes.
Mylo Steamwitz returns to the crystal caves in the final episode of Apogee's game series. He is trying to collect enough crystals to buy a solar system, which he wants to convert into a vacation resort.
Keen stumbles upon a strange, distorted message and learns that something called the Shikadi are going to destroy the Milky Way in the name of the Gannalech. He thinks it sounds like a ...
The third part of the secret agent series by Apogee. You are agent 006, on a mission to infiltrate DVS headquarters and secure the blueprints for a laser satellite.
I can't imagine EGA women looking better than in the third Larry game. This game takes place a few years after the previous episode, and Larry Laffer abruptly gets dumped by..
After our hero Larry Laffer gets dumped by bathing beauty Eve, Larry continues to look for the girl of his dreams..
John Romero originally created Dangerous Dave for the Apple II, because he was a huge fan of Super Mario Bros.
Grand Prix Circuit is a motor racing game released for the PC in 1988. It was created by Accolade, who made many famous racing games. There are eight Grand Prix tracks in the game: Br...
The second Duke Nukem game brings vivid, parallaxing graphics, with new graphics on every level!
The graphics artists not only had to draw graphics using very little resources, many games needed separate graphics for all different graphics adapters. The ...
This game begins at the decline of Camelot because of a curse that brought famine and drought in the kingdom. After having a vision of the Holy Grail covered by a silver cloth, Gawain, Lancelot and Galahad departed on a quest for the Holy Grail.
The Vorticon mothership is hovering above Earth with its deadly X-14 Tantalus Ray cannons locked on to eight of Earth's greatest landmarks. Many new features are present in the second K...
Late one night in 1990, when John Carmack and Tom Hall were working on a new EGA engine for a side-scrolling game Carmack finally accomplished what he had been working on for quite some...
Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon, the third game in Sierra Entertainment's Space Quest series. In this game Roger Wilco discovers the sinister activities of a video game company known as ScumSoft run by the "Pirates of Pestulon".
thumbnail The most interesting part is Pick-up Artist where you use your smooth lines to pick up EGA girls!
Bar Games (1989) Solutio...
The most interesting part is Pick-up Artist where you u...
thumbnail The opening screen of Virus features some cool 3D graphics.
Virus (Really Obscure Re...
The opening screen of Virus features some cool 3D graph...


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Pick-up artist   Girl   Flirting   Woman   Babe   Ega girl   Drink   Alcohol   Brunette   Sexy  

Fun School in Dreamland  thumbnail
The opening screen: Fun School in Dreamland
Jill of the Jungle: Jill saves the Prince  thumbnail
The ground is pretty hot here.. if only she could reach that arrow!
Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers  thumbnail
The hot Latex Babes from Estros are pretty angry at Roger.. You've got a lot of nerve coming back here, Roger Wilco.
Commander Keen: The Earth Explodes  thumbnail
Lots of treasures on planet Crysilis
The beautiful Main Entry Hall. There's a group of items in a display case.
This track is so long and boring i started taking screenshots..
The Vinyl Goddess From Mars opening logo
These puzzles always remember me of Chip's Challenge
Flying over the base
Chasing a bird. Look at that great photo on the background
In the watery word dream, some fish have been swallowing words.
One of the cool tunnels in Terminal Velocity. I bet you've NEVER noticed those scare body graphics in the ceiling!
An old witch gazes upon them via a crystal ball. On her forehead is a symbol of a snake.. Could she be the one who killed Prince's parents? Could it be...
Devan Shell has captured Eva Earlong on planet Deckstar.There are some mean animals here, they look like flying babe crocodiles!
Using his new swimming gear, Commander Keen swims to the Well of Wishes
"Passengers in our rear smoking compartment may smoke 'em if you gottem."
The Prince lands on the roof of a shop while he flees to the port where there more angry guards.
The mule likes the water from the Pool of Siloam.
Bar Games opening screen
On planet Technoir, with a cool industrial background.
The evil Rigelatins plan to enslave earth.
The second planet Jazz visits is Bloxonius. And yes, you can shoot those Duplo guys' heads of!
"Tell me about work. Have you been a DJ long?" Bla bla bla..