Games related to Vga graphics

You are a hungry caveman, so get your club out and go find some food for yourself and your family! Play your way through various surroundings, some frustrating and others just plain weird!
In ancient Persia, there lived a Sultan who had an only daughter whose beauty was like moonrise in a clear heaven. Now it happened that the Sultan left his kingdom to fight in a foreign land. In his absence, the Princess fell in love with a young traveller who climbed the palace wall to see her.
In Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf, you play miniature golf on 18 cool golf courses in space! There have been dozens of miniature games, but this one is quite good because of the cool graphics, animations and the spacy music.
A brilliant mix of puzzle games like Chip's Challenge, adventure games like King's Quest combined with fast real-time action.
About 5 years after playing The Pirates of Pestulon, I bought it's sequel: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers. I was always wondering what happened to Roger Wilco, after leaving planet Earth in the Aluminum Mallard.
Your teenage friends have dared you to spend the night behind the locked gate of the Museum of the Strange and Unusual where two teenagers have mysteriously disappeared fifteen years ago.
This is the most addicting and at the same time frustrating game ever made. Action Supercross is a 2D motorbike simulation game created in 1998 by the Hungarian Balázs Rózsa.
The Tobermoon, an Earthling ship, discovered an ancient Precursor subterranean installation in a cave on the surface of an uninhabited planet in the Vela star system. The player begins ...
John Romero originally created Dangerous Dave for the Apple II, because he was a huge fan of Super Mario Bros.
Jetpack was an immediate hit when it was released in 1993, and a cult following grew internationally. The object of the levels is to collect all of the green emeralds scattered around the level while avoiding obstacles and enemies.
Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare is basically a Christmas edition of one of the world’s favorite little platform games. Arjan Brussee, the Dutch demo programmer created the superfast, incre...
Arjan Brussee, the Dutch demo programmer created the super fast, incredibly smooth VGA game engine used in the first Jazz Jackrabbit game. The game acquired a certain fan audience, es...
The graphics artists not only had to draw graphics using very little resources, many games needed separate graphics for all different graphics adapters. The ...
This classic game features the best animation ever seen when it came out. Jordan Mechner used a technique called rotoscopy to create the smooth animation seen in this game. He studied many hours of film of his younger brother David running...
This game was originally planned as a sequal to Jill of the Jungle, but Epic Megagames published Jazz Jackrabbit instead. Still, Vinyl is a pretty unique game that has it's own characteristics.
In this game she discovers the castle in which the Prince is captured. Many new puzzles, enemies and traps make this game the most difficult episode of Jill's adventure!
In this episode Jill proceeds into Montezuma's castle and goes underground in the attempt to find her Prince. This surreal game features new graphics, animations and enemies. ...


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Vinyl Goddess from Mars  thumbnail
She throws knifes like no other. Look at that dude chilling in the background.
Alien Carnage  thumbnail
Zombies, spiders in zone 4
Janitor Joe  thumbnail
The first level: Station # 1. This one's already pretty hard, as you'll have to time your jumps very carefully.
Hocus Pocus  thumbnail
A mad monk in the title screen of the first episode
Fawaz the butcher, and some sort of antiquities shop.
Roger falls in a pile of garbage somewhere on the Freighter
Time to catch some rays at the swimming pool!
Running around in the 3D bonus level on planet Turtemple.
Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf logo
One of the 3D bonus stages in Jazz Jackrabbit. I really need that hourglass to get some extra time!
Prince Of Persia 2: The Shadow And The Flame title screen
Entering the desert in Gaza, in the search for Jerusalem.
Larry is on board of "The Love Tub" and daydreams of his future love.
The Prehistorik 2 ending with this cute picture of dinner being served to his family in the cave! Unfortunately, for some reason this image has been corrupted..
There you are! Finish the final level and you'll be rewarded by blinking boxes. Pretty cool!
Many crocs in Montezuma's Castle
Some pretty sharp spears under there.
Keen smashes through Guard Post Two. The Blooguard can paralyze you for a while when he knocks his club.
Roger lands on the surface of planet Pestulon
Driving around in the brand new Corvette
Jazz' brother Spaz was first seen sitting in the background as a decoration in the Bloxonius levels.
Wheeeee! Sliding on the rooftops of the chemical plant.
Even the clouds are aggresive in Shadowlands!
Lots of cool buildings in the background on Bloogbase Management District.