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Castle Adventure by Kevin Bales - Maps and Walkthrough

I love this classic game by Kevin Bales! Can you figure out how to finish the game and escape the castle? Castle Adventure had some pretty difficult puzzles and finding all the treasures was quite hard.

Here you can find maps of all floors that you can visit in Castle Adventure. It seems the castle could not physically exist this way, as some rooms overlap eachother, or some rooms connect, while they aren't next to eachother.


This is the ground floor. Here you can find the courtyard, welcome hall, central hall, throne room, dining room, ball room, museum, castle garden and the kitchen.

Where do you want to go?


If you're still stuck in the castle, here is a video that shows how to finish Castle Adventure. It will show how to beat the game, but please take your time to explore the castle and find all the treasures!

Before you enter the Royal Wine Cellar, make sure you have these items: Necklace, Lamp, Key, Magic Wand, Sword, Helmet. Please take some time exploring the castle, solving the puzzles and collecting the treasures before finishing the game!

Download Castle Adventure

You can download Castle Adventure by clicking on this link: CastleAdventure.zip


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Dreams (one year ago)
I FINALLY got around and fixed the broken links on this page. Also I fixed one image that was incorrect on the Upper Battlement. I'm ashamed it took so long to fix this.. :(
DenaK (4 years ago)
Pemrich, Kevin Bales is alive and well in Atlanta, GA. His jazz piano can be heard at many venues.
Pemrich (5 years ago)
The download link is no longer working, can someone help? I was also wondering if anyone knew what became of Kevin Bales.
Muddy (5 years ago)
And you've got a duplicate and a missing map somewhere
Summer (5 years ago)
YES, the ones in the torture chamber!!! "They Look Magical"
"They're connected to the wall."
Are they just there to irritate, or what?
Joseph (5 years ago)
You mean the ones in the torture chamber?
Summer (5 years ago)
What are the chains for??
Bastard (6 years ago)
For those who find the game running too fast, it was doing so back in the old 286 as well. Anyways, if you want it to run smoother, turn down the CPU cycles via CTRL + F11 or CTRL + F12
Dreams (7 years ago)
Yes, you need to set it at about 300 to work correctly!
Crow (7 years ago)
Figured it out.. run the game through DosBox, hold [ctrl] & use f11 / f12 to toggle the framerate of the emulator. I'd recommend something around the 300 mark to make the monster encounters more remotely fair.
Crow (7 years ago)
And yes I am running it through the DosBox.
Crow (7 years ago)
I have the same problem with the game on my pc.. monsters are way too fast. Not sure if it's meant to be that way, but it sure doesn't feel very fair. Hoping someone can get back to me on this.
Dreams (7 years ago)
have you tried playing in DOSBox?
ruben (7 years ago)
hi i need some help the mosters is moving to fast is my pc problem o the game?

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