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Castle Adventure maps: Sixth floor and walkthrough

Here you can find maps of all floors that you can visit in Castle Adventure. It seems the castle could not physically exist this way, as some rooms overlap eachother, or some rooms connect, while they aren't next to eachother.


You've reached the top of the east and west towers. A golden harp is found here, which will play beautiful PC-speaker bleepy music!


If you're still stuck in the castle, here is a video that shows how to finish Castle Adventure. It will show how to beat the game, but please take your time to explore the castle and find all the treasures!

Before you enter the Royal Wine Cellar, make sure you have these items: Necklace, Lamp, Key, Magic Wand, Sword, Helmet. Please take some time exploring the castle, solving the puzzles and collecting the treasures before finishing the game!


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Dreams (7 years ago)
Maybe i could compile a list and place it hear on welovedosgames.net
nkerr15 (7 years ago)
What are all the things you can get in this game?

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