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Conquests of Camelot: stuck on Glastonbury Tor

Your first quest in Conquests of Camelot is probably in Glastonbury Tor, and immediately you're presented with difficult puzzles and challenges. To kill the boars, make sure you buy the spear from the hunter. Press spacebar a little bit faster than you think is right. When the boar is still quite far away, hit spacebar.

The second arcade part is the joust with the Black Knight. The best way to defeat him is to move your lance all the way down and to the right, then to quickly move it diagonally up and across as the Black Knight approaches.

Answers for the talking stones

Eventually you'll approach the five talking stones. These are the answers to the riddles:

Lighter than what I am made of...: iceberg
Look you in the eye...: mirror
Lovely and round...: pearl
My life can be measured...: torch, candle
Three lives have I...: water
To unravel me...: riddle
Until I am measured...: time
Weight in my belly...: ship
When I am filled...: glove
When set loose...: arrow
You can see nothing else...: mirror
You heard me before...: echo
Young, sweet in the sun...: wine, grape
All about, but cannot be seen...: air, wind
At the sound of me...: music, song
Bright as diamonds...: waterfall
Each morning I appear...: shadow
Glittering points...: icicle
I am always hungry...: fire
I am only useful when I am full...: sieve
I am seen in the water...: blue
I drive men mad...: gold
I go around in circles...: wheel
I turn around once...: key, lock
If a man carried my burden...: snail
If you break me...: heart


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