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Jazz Jackrabbit: Apology mode VS Cool mode

Epic Megagames likes to make fun of other software companies in their games. In the Jill of the Jungle series, they added humorous messages that took a swipe at Apogee's game characters, such as Commander Keen and Duke Nukem. The messages described that they were retiring, supposedly due to being unable to compete with Jill.

In an obscure version of Jazz Jackrabbit (by Epic Megagames), there's a cheat code where you have to type in APOGEE. It makes the game run in 16 colors EGA, and at half speed to make fun of Apogee games which at that time were still producing EGA 16 color platform games.


The story goes that Apogee didn't take the joke well, and they made Epic Megagames take it out of future versions. But this isn't what really happened: Tim Sweeney admitted that the Apogee code in Jazz was only there for the amusement of the beta testers and accidently slipped out..

Now that I'm at it, there's a very interesting newsgroup discussion from 1994 about this subject, where besides others Mark Rein (Epic Megagames), Cliff Bleszinski (Designer of Jazz Jackrabbit), Arjan Brussee (Programmer of Jazz Jackrabbit) and Joe Siegler and Scott Miller (both Apogee) are discussing this subject. It is so cool to see how small the shareware world was back then.

You can read it on Google Groups.



Darkhog (5 years ago)
The best thing is, that Epic's point in JJ was spot on. Just look where Epic currently is (Gears of War) and where's Apogee (um... What Apogee?)
Bartjaah (6 years ago)
youtube.com/Dosgamert you can find old Dosgame videos

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