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Shivers demo: looking for hidden items

Sierra made a demo version of Shivers, which would only show a slideshow of various places inside and outside Sir Windleknot's castle. It is so much fun to poke around in the resource files of Sierra games, because there's always some hidden stuff in there that isn't used in the final game!

Many Sierra games contain unused items, many of which you can find on this page. But in the Shivers demo, there is some additional stuff, which shows that the intention of the demo first was to let the player walk through parts of the museum, and capture one of the Ixupi!

You can only unlock the Secrets of This Room by Purchasing Shivers. Do You Dare?

This Room Contains Clues to What Really Goes on in This Crazy Museum

The Professor Built This Room With Something Very Strange in Mind
Beyond This Door Are Rooms No One Alive Has Ever Seen.

If You Enter This Room, Your Friends May Never Find You Again.

Congratulation! You have Found One of the Many Secret Passages.

You are About to Experience Only a Glimpse of the Complete "Shivers" Game, Where Numerous Rooms, Hallways, Secret Passages, and Mazes Contain Eerie Mysteries and Frightening Suprises. This "Shivers" Demo Takes You Directly to the Office, Which is the HEart of the Museum. See How Many Terrorizing Hours You Can Stay Alive, Since Your Friends May Never Come Back.
OBJECT: Cpature One of the Evil Entities Lurking Throughout the Museum.
CLUE: Find the Professor (Dead or Alive).

Some Ixupi graphics.



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