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Space Quest III: VGA remake

Some early Sierra games have had a VGA overhaul, making a transition from text parser interface to mouse based interface. Leisure Suit Larry 1 and the first Space Quest game were remade in VGA, and Kings Quest 1 got a SCI version with better EGA graphics. These remakes where never really well received, and most people thought the originals were better, including me. I like the text-parser better than the mouse interface.

In case you ever wondered what a Space Quest III VGA version would look like, here are some screenshots of an unofficial version that Dogma Day Games has been working on. However, the project has been shut down by Vivendi Universal. In my opinion, this remake would never have been nearly as good as the original. Scott Murphy made Space Quest what it is and was and it really shouldn't be messed with in any way.

So what do you think is better: EGA or VGA?

On the garbage freighter
On the garbage freighter

Monolith Burger in VGA
Monolith Burger in VGA

The Nukem Dukem robot
The Nukem Dukem robot


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Daniel (26 days ago)
Alon Amir (2 years ago)
Please let this be released! I finished SQ3 a while ago and It'd be so awesome to play this again, with VGA graphics.

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