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Thinkin Things Collection 1

The Thinkin Things Collection opening screen.

The Thinkin Things Collection opening screen.

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Thinkin Things is an educational game released by Edmark in 1993. It has six playful activities with engaging animated characters: Toony the Loon's Lagoon, Oranga Banga, the Feathered Friends and the Fripples. This game came with a Compaq Pressario PC to show it's multimedia capabilities!

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thumbnail The Thinkin Things Collection opening screen.
Thinkin Things Collect...
The Thinkin Things Collection opening screen.
thumbnail The Fripple Shop. Your job is to find the Fripple that matches the attributes requested by the customer..
Thinkin Things Collect...
The Fripple Shop. Your job is to find the Fripple that ...
thumbnail Feathered Friends. Create the kind of bird the baby birds ask you to.
Thinkin Things Collect...
Feathered Friends. Create the kind of bird the baby bir...
thumbnail Toony Loon plays some cool tunes on his weird xylophone. (From Thinkin Things 2)
Thinkin Things Collect...
Toony Loon plays some cool tunes on his weird xylophone...


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DevonRok (5 months ago)
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Romeo (5 years ago)
I remember playing Thinkin Things on my Compaq Pressario back in 1996. It came with the PC to showcase the capabilities of it's Super VGA graphics adaptor. I loved playing around with the bouncing shapes and the Fripples!

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