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Vinyl Goddess from Mars

She throws knifes like no other. Look at that dude chilling in the background.

She throws knifes like no other. Look at that dude chilling in the background.

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In the year 200 billion a small ship races across the galaxy taking The Vinyl Goddess From Mars to the esteemed intergalactic B Movie convention. In mid transit, a meteor shower strikes without warning and the ship is engulfed in a sea of rocks and debris. The Vinyl Goddess ejects and lets her ship crash on the strange planet below.

Debra Dare
Debra Dare, who was the model for Vinyl Goddess of Mars.

Vinyl Goddess of Mars was modeled after Debra Dare, who was Miss Universe in 1993. When you buy this game, you receive a full color pin-up poster of her! There seems to be some confusing about other models posing for Vinyl. Her name is Debra Dare, not Debra Dutch, she had nothing to do with this game.

This game was originally planned as a sequal to Jill of the Jungle, but Epic Megagames was not happy with the quality of the game, and published Jazz Jackrabbit instead. The story was then changed and published by Union Logic as an original game. Still, Vinyl is a pretty unique game that has it's own surreal characteristics.

In this gallery you will find all three episodes of Vinyl Goddess From Mars: Episode 1: Forests of Old, Episode 2: Caverns of Chaos Episode 3: The Return. The ending of this game must be the least rewarding ending ever seen in a dos game! It's just a screen of text, telling you that you repaired your ship and you're gonna go finish her journey.

Cool jungle graphics combined with smooth gameplay, weird enemies and original weapons make this game pretty unique. Not to mention you play Vinyl, the hot babe from Mars. When you ordered this game you got a free pin-up of the model Debra Dare, dressed as Vinyl!

Transcription of the ending text

After trudging through the jungle for what seemed like days, Vinyl decides to rest. A fallen tree provides an excellent resting place and she quickly loses herself in a personal debate about what shade of red best compliments her lifestyle.

Shortly after deciding that shiny, bright, cherry red best suits her, something catches her attention. She notices the glint of steel in the distance. It is the thrust coil recompensator. Minutes later she pulls it from the mud and heads back to her ship. Once back at the ship, Vinyl refits the thrust coil recompensator and prepares to ignite the thrusters.

The ship purrs to life. As the craft gently rises upward Vinyl is able to see the green wondrous planet she has just escaped from shrink bit by bit and then vanish in the distance.

All screenshots

thumbnail The Vinyl Goddess From Mars opening logo
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
The Vinyl Goddess From Mars opening logo
thumbnail Normally i don't post menu's, but you've got to love this one!
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Normally i don't post menu's, but you've got to love th...
thumbnail Some pretty sharp spears under there.
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Some pretty sharp spears under there.
thumbnail She throws knifes like no other. Look at that dude chilling in the background.
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
She throws knifes like no other. Look at that dude chil...
thumbnail This plant spits out grenades. Vinyl uses her most useless weapon on it.
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
This plant spits out grenades. Vinyl uses her most usel...
thumbnail The skeleton throws exploding bones!
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
The skeleton throws exploding bones!
thumbnail Nice looking jungle graphics on the map.
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Nice looking jungle graphics on the map.
thumbnail Lot's of trouble brewing here. Even a walking rocket launcher!
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Lot's of trouble brewing here. Even a walking rocket la...
thumbnail Pacman's evil twin brother.
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Pacman's evil twin brother.
thumbnail Lots of scary spears!
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Lots of scary spears!
thumbnail Pacman's twin brother is sleeping.
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Pacman's twin brother is sleeping.
thumbnail Keep looking up Vinyl!
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Keep looking up Vinyl!
thumbnail The final sprint before the ending
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
The final sprint before the ending
thumbnail Yup.. that's the ending. Gone through all that trouble for this.
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Yup.. that's the ending. Gone through all that trouble ...
thumbnail Model Debra Dare as Vinyl Goddess from Mars
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Model Debra Dare as Vinyl Goddess from Mars
thumbnail In the final part, The Return, she can hang on the overhead bars
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
In the final part, The Return, she can hang on the over...
thumbnail There's a lot to see in the jungle on this weird planet..
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
There's a lot to see in the jungle on this weird planet...
thumbnail Ohh Vinyl is sooo hot!
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Ohh Vinyl is sooo hot!
thumbnail Vinyl is able to see the green wondrous planet she has just escaped from shrink bit by bit and then vanish in the distance.. (the end)
Vinyl Goddess from Mar...
Vinyl is able to see the green wondrous planet she has ...


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Izak Flash Man (3 years ago)
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james (5 years ago)
i would likw evrey dos game except vynil goddess from maes episode 1 and send down poster
John O\'Neill (6 years ago)
Thanks for updating the picture of Debra for us. I'm sure all her fans will be happy now. New website for debra coming soon. www.theoriginaldebradare.com check it out.
John O\'Neill (6 years ago)
I workedlived and toured with the real Debra Dare for many years and am now building her new websites. If the webmaster of this site would like a picture of the real Debra Dare please contact me at webmaster@theoriginaldebradare.com
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Joseph (7 years ago)
I'm sorry Debra, I changed the names to Debra Dare. Is it okay like this? Thanks.
debra dare (7 years ago)
im this model in this video gameof yours vinyle goddess from marrs is not deborah dutch which u are advertising as debra dare is false and untrue as i did these photos in ottawa ontario canada in the 90's and would like u to have this dealt with immediatly please and thank you.
Joseph (owner of welovedosgames.net) (7 years ago)
I really don't have a clue what you're trying to say, Debra Dare. If you'd like me to change anything, just tell me what you want changed in 1 sentence.
debra dare shown here as vinyl goddess from marrs (7 years ago)
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Deborahdutch is not the Debra Dare from this video game Vinyl Goddess from Mars shot in Ottawa Ontario Canada As of 1990 to 2000 the Last official Miss Nude Universe 1993 is a Canadian superstar also known as The Cream Queen of the 90's She was the most photographed entertainer in the business she appeared in over 50 nude covers photographed by Bill Schwanke from Troy Michigan with Aquarius Rising Photos. She's also appeared on TNA from Edmonton Alberta Canada, Stripper Magazine,
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duffin (7 years ago)
she's also known as Debra Dare

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